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Serious and reactive team
I was surprised that the Spirulina I bought came from Burkina Faso. After seeing it checked on the site, it is indeed specified, but the whole site talks about local production. I don't regret my purchase, but I won't buy again. I made it clear during an exchange that I was looking for a local product with a low carbon footprint, the person never said that the spirulina did not come from their production.
Answer from AKALFOOD :
Hello, Younes,
We are trying to be as clear and transparent as possible.
As you have seen, the origin of the products (text, logo, name of the products) is well specified in several places.
It turns out that we have been working with fair trade farms for 10 years. We have a heartfelt relationship with these farms and it is important for us to continue to value their work.
We are talking about local spirulina because we have also been producing spirulina for 10 years.
In addition, we have helped farms to set up in France because for us it is important to put forward this know-how and expertise which are the basis of our project.
However, I understand your disappointment and we will work to make this information even more visible (drop-down menu: French spirulina, spirulina solidarity, to differentiate them) we have ideas, thank you for your feedback and your approach.
Lack of commercial sense.
Answer from AKALFOOD :
On 06/11/2020 at 14:13, Cyril wrote:
Hello Cyril,

I am glad that you have a good experience with our products; this is the most important thing for us.

Regarding the answer of I think she wanted to give you an explanatory answer and not an incentive to consume, leaving you the freedom of choice to consume more to achieve free shipping. Because if I understand correctly, you would have had the free shipping costs, so I don't see what prevented you from adding a product with the 65€ information?

This is not anecdotal for us and as you can see, I take the time to exchange with you. We are a small company and we do our best to satisfy our customers' expectations. But like any small business we sometimes miss out, get overwhelmed, as with the email or did not answer you and we apologize for that.

Your feedback is valuable to us because it allows us to question ourselves and progress.

Ps : You will be able to use for your next order the coupon code :

Nice end of day

On 10/06/2020 at 14:13, Cyril wrote:
Hello Guillaume,
After discovering you at a trade show, I became a regular customer on the website for 2 years. I really appreciate your products (spirotonic, spirumix and spirulina in brandille). The 2 people I met on the show were very nice and made me want to order from you.
My criticism concerns my last order and the lack of commercial sense of who answered my message. Specifically in the answer to my question about the shipping costs (NB: she had not answered my message a while ago, following a promotional email received from her...).
The answer was that the delivery costs were free for orders over 65€, and that the relay point delivery would resume within 7/8 days.
The answer was informative... rather than asking me if I wanted to add a product to my order or if I wanted to wait a bit for the delivery.
The result is that within a week (delivery in relay point) and 9€ (free delivery) I have paid the full delivery costs!
This may seem anecdotal to you, but that's where my opinion comes from. Besides I don't see it appearing yet on the site "société des avis garantis" ?
Have a nice day,
Added: Tuesday 9 June 2020 at 14:13
From: "guillaume "
To: Cyril
Subject: Guaranteed opinions
Hello, Cyril,
I take the liberty of contacting you to better understand your remark about our lack of commercial sense.
We're just selling to do a big promotion on spirulina, we did another two big ones in December in February.
I invite you to sign up for our newsletter for our next news.
Thank you for your feedback. It's important to move forward.
a beautiful day