Preamble :

Guaranteed Reviews Company (hereinafter the “Provider”), is a simplified joint stock company with a single shareholder, with a capital of €10,000, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Registry under number 832 987 630, whose registered office is 10 Rue du Colisée, 75008 Paris – FRANCE.

The Service Provider is the provider of a platform for the management of consumer reviews whose commercial name is “Guaranteed Reviews Company” and which is accessible at (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform”).

The technical operation of this Platform guarantees, in particular, to the professionals who use it and to the Internet users who consult it, that the reviews published on it have been written by consumers who have carried out a commercial transaction with the professional concerned.  


Article 1 – Purpose :

This document aims to provide Internet users with clear and transparent information on the operation of the platform.   Article 2 – General principle of operation :

The Guaranteed Reviews Company collects and publishes reviews from customers of merchants who have accepted its general terms and conditions of sale. To do so, it provides merchants with a programming interface enabling merchants to benefit from the proper functioning of the Platform.


Article 3 – Distinction between “site review” and “product review”:

A site review concerns the merchant’s site and the purchasing experience associated with this site. A product review concerns an ordered product (its characteristics, its quality, its usefulness …).


Article 4 – Notion of guaranteed reviews:

Reviews are said to be “guaranteed” because the only people who can be invited to submit their reviews are people who have placed orders on the merchant’s site benefiting from the solution of the Guaranteed Reviews Company. The Internet user must be aware that certain limits are to be taken into consideration.


Article 5 – Limits on the authenticity of reviews :

In order to allow merchants not to lose their customer reviews when they migrate from one management solution to another, the Guaranteed Reviews Company offers a feature for importing reviews. In this case the merchant is responsible for the authenticity of the reviews. It is the same when the merchant sends a request to collect reviews manually from its management interface (however it must provide a name, a first name, an email address and an authentic order number). In the event that abuse is detected, the Guaranteed Reviews Company authorizes itself to terminate the contract as defined in the general terms and conditions of sale accepted by the merchant.


Article 6 – Submission of reviews: When submitting a review, the Internet user agrees that the Guaranteed Reviews Company uses his review and publishes it, both on its site and on the site of the merchant concerned by the review.   The information published publicly is the following :

  • First name, last name initial
  • Note assigned and opinion written by the Internet user
  • Set of dates related to the review: order date, review filing date, update date
  • The review is likely to be automatically translated into other languages.

For reasons of processing and technical operation, the following personal information is kept confidential:

  • Family name
  • List of products ordered
  • Email address
  • Order number and reference

Access to these personal data is restricted to the following services and persons only:

  • Technical service Guaranteed Reviews Company
  • Sales department Guaranteed Reviews Company
  • Merchant concerned

The access to these personal data is done in a secure and encrypted way by the https protocol. Notices may not be published when they are considered abusive.

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, the Internet user has the right to modify and delete his review upon request. More information in article 10.


Article 7 – Moderation of the reviews

The reviews can be moderated a priori or a posteriori according to the functionalities set up by the merchant. The percentage of reviews moderated by a Merchant may not exceed 5% of the total number of reviews collected, with a tolerance threshold of 1 review. Regardless of the mode of operation chosen by the merchant, the statistics of approval, pending reviews and abusive reviews concerning the merchant’s site are published on the page of the merchant’s certificate of trust in the “Transparency Index” section.


Article 8 – List of reasons for considering a review as “abusive”, leading to non-publication:

  • Contains insults.
  • Concerns an unsuccessful buying experience
  • Contains personal information.
  • Pertains to a product instead of the buying experience
  • Focuses on the buying experience instead of the product
  • Contains slanderous language.
  • is out of topic.
  • Contains elements of conflict of interest.
  • Corresponds to another product than the one requested
  • Susceptible to mislead Internet users
  • Notation inconsistent with what was said.

Article 8 – Transparency index :

The transparency index published on the merchant’s attestation allows the Internet user to have clear and precise information about the management of the opinions of the merchant in question. No deleted review can be hidden from the Internet user thanks to this feature. Reviews concerning the merchant’s site can only have these three statuses :

  • Approved Reviews: Characterizes the number of merchant site reviews approved since inception.
  • Notice pending : Characterizes the number of reviews about the merchant’s site that are pending validation by the merchant.
  • Abusively reported reviews: Characterizes the number of reviews concerning the Merchant’s site that have been reported by an Internet user or by the Merchant as not respecting the reasons defined in article 7.


Article 9 – Merchant information on the Attestation of Trust

In the paragraph concerning the merchant information of the Attestation of Trust, the information is public information. This information is provided either by the merchant or by the Guaranteed Reviews Company. In case of inconsistency or misinformation, the Société des Avis Garanties reserves the right to delete the information in question.  

Any request concerning the right of access, rectification, right of portability, withdrawal of consent Any request concerning the right of access, rectification, right of portability, withdrawal of consent must be made to the DPO of the Guaranteed Reviews Company whose contact details are as follows:
Nicolas DUVAL 10 Rue du Colisée 75008 Paris, FRANCE – [email protected] or via the contact form on the site at the following address: