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A complete and easy-to-use module

Our Magento module allows you to collect your customer reviews in just a few clicks and to manage them in an ethical and transparent manner.

Your site reviews

Easily display your site reviews from your home page via the available widgets. If you decide to display them, you can then customize their location and appearance.

Your product reviews

They are your best asset to boost your visibility and sales! Give a voice to your customers thanks to the widgets that appear on your product sheets. Each new notice published is displayed, enriching the content of your product sheets.

Your store reviews

You can now solicit the opinions of your customers who have made a purchase in your physical store. By sending them a request for advice via our module, you take into account each of your customers, and that's essential!

Review request

We take care of the process of collecting feedbacks via email notification requests. They are automatically sent to your customers who have previously placed an order on your store, and guarantee a return rate of about 13%.

Google stars and Rich Snippets

Increase your visibility on search engines! The module automatically displays the scores assigned to your product listings via Google stars. These will ensure a better natural referencing and will increase your conversion rate.

Trusted Attestation

A major argument for your legitimacy as a merchant, we deliver you a Trusted Attestation signed by our hand, in order to reassure your customers about the transparency of the opinions published on your website.


% more clicks on rated products


% customer reviews are positive


% read customer reviews


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