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A little long, and frankly ask a day of rest to be able to recover the parcel I find that really complicated. I will certainly not recommend it.
It's a pity to impose a pod at each order when we benefit from your products for a long time the collection is getting heavier... it's a useless consumption of plastic
Very good products but the support department should learn to really read the mails and not give ready-made answers. It doesn't make you want to put down more remarks. 🙂 Like "I don't know what to choose between a CMV and a complete food" they don't answer "if you are looking for a CMV take this instead... If you're looking for a whole food, take this...". I ended up taking my advice elsewhere. But I appreciate the responsiveness anyway!
Answer from Reverdy
Hello Irene, and thank you for your testimonial. We are very sorry to read that our team of nutrition advisors was unable to give you a satisfactory answer 😥
We have gone back over the exchanges and they are indeed lacking in specifics, which is surprising because we make it a point to ensure that each of our answers is personalized and tailored to each request. If necessary, we do not hesitate to call upon the veterinarians of our Health Unit for more complex and exceptional cases.
In any case, the information has been passed on to our team, which will redouble its vigilance.
If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer them with great pleasure.
See you soon,
The Reverdy team