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Despite my request your carrier did not call me to arrange a delivery date, we had to store our shelves instead of putting it in place directly
Answer from TRADIS :
Hello Mrs S,
We are sorry to hear that the carrier did not call you as initially planned! We will pass on the information to our delivery company.
We hope you like your shelves ☻
Very nice furniture but a catastrophic delivery service
Answer from TRADIS :
Hello, Madam,
Thank you for your feedback.
Our transport providers are not part of our company. We do a lot of work to select them for their quality of service, but sometimes all it takes is one person in their workforce who is not suitable for this to impact our service. It's a shame to be rated on this criterion, knowing that we do our best to produce quality products that meet your needs and have undertaken to do what is necessary to resolve the current dispute.
We have just recommended a small range of furniture for our shop 1 year after our first purchase. The discontinuity of the range is a real problem. The wine cabinet, which seemed to be identical in every way to the first one, is not at all, and it looks really bad... It's a real shame, because we thought the quality was great, the style was very nice and the prices were affordable.
Answer from TRADIS :
Good morning, ma'am,

We are sorry for your disappointment with our products. Our customer service will contact you to find out more about your problem. Our products are made with handmade finishes that cause slight modifications but not so much that they are completely different. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a problem. Our customer service is available by phone and email.